Lets Bake

Do you have a few treats you bake at Christmas time?

Over the years I have made plum pudding truffles, peanut butter balls, shortbread, chocolate fudge, rocky road and coconut ice.  This year I decided to just make the last two and they are so easy to make especially the Rocky Road.

Rocky Road
1 bag of Nestle melts (milk or dark)
100g raspberry lollies
1 bag marshmallows
75g crushed nuts (optional)
60g copha
Melt chocolate and copha.
Add marshmallows, raspberries and nuts then mix together.
Pour mixture into a slice tin and set in the fridge.
Once set cut into squares or rectangles.
 The coconut ice recipe can be found on Taste here. This year I made it green instead of pink.
 Happy baking,

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