Sew Delicious Quilted Mat Sew Along Part 2 & 3

I’ve been so busy with orders I forgot to blog about the completion of my mat so here’s part 2 & 3 together. You can follow along the tutorial here & here.

I cheated a bit and used some double sided iron on fusible fleece which of course made it a lot easier to keep in place and I didn’t need any pins. I then wanted to practice quilting uneven lines which I will using on a couple of quilts soon. I think it turned out really well.

Then for the binding. I had never done this before so it was all new. I had to make my own from quilting cotton so I googled a few tutorials on youtube and found this onehelpful.  And yes I decided to hand stitch it to the back for some practice.

This is my completed mat. Thanks Ros from Sew Delicious for such a great sew along. I look forward to the next one!

Happy sewing,

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