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zipper purse with a twist and card wallet in Tilda fabric

zipper purse with a twist and card wallet in Tilda fabric

Are you making a gift for mum this Mother’s Day?  Last year I made my mum a bag for Mother’s Day so this year I decided to make her a little zipper purse with a twist and card wallet in gorgeous Tilda fabric.  The perfect gift for anyone who collects loyalty & store cards!  I’ll be sharing how to make the purse over at And Sew We Craft but here’s how I made the card wallet.

Card Wallet

Card Wallet

What you’ll need:

5.75”x4.5” rectangle in fabric A (outside), fabric B (lining) and medium to heavy iron on interfacing

2 x 4”x4.5” rectangle in fabric A and medium to heavy iron on interfacing

5” hat elastic

a button

Once you’ve cut the fabrics iron on the interfacing to the reverse side of each fabric A piece.  Fold the smaller pieces of fabric A in half wrong sides together.  Press and top stitch.

Before putting the wallet together place the elastic in the middle of the right hand side of fabric A making a loop and hold in place with a few stitches like below. (this will put the loop on the left hand side once finished – reverse it if you want it on the opposite side)

To assemble it’s like making a sandwich.  Place fabric A right side up on your work bench.

Then add the 2 pockets we’ve just top stitched to either side.

Then place fabric B on top with its right side facing down.

Stitch around the edges leaving an opening between the 2 card pockets (white & blue pins on the right) to turn it through.  I used a 1/4″ seam.

Turn and top stitch all the way around closing the opening in the process.

Measure where the elastic reaches on the outside without stretching it and make a mark in the centre with a fabric marker.  Sew on the button.  A tip so the button is not too tight is to place a tooth pick under the button and then sew it on.

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