A Charming Kate Spain Quilt Top

I’m not sure I can quite express how much I love this quilt top.  The first reason is because of all the beautiful Kate Spain charms, the second reason is that this one’s for me.  That’s right it’s all mine.

It is very simple but I think it lets the beautiful fabric speak for itself (and it is only the third quilt I’ve made).  Its not perfect as some of the points don’t line up but then there are some that look like this.  Happy dance.

I have some Fandango in the cupboard that will make up the backing but I am not sure what colour to bind it with.  Would love any suggestions?

I have seen some beautiful quilts made during this charm along and maybe if time permits while running after the two little ones, I really want to try this design with the next charm swap.  I hope I’m not being too adventurous.

A big thank you to Melissa aka Ms Midge for organising the whole thing.  Here’s a peekat the next one coming soon.  So much prettiness.

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