28 February 2015

Paper Piecing - I made a Koala

I've been wanting to try paper piecing for a while and it all kind of came together with this gorgeous koala pattern by Kristy at Quietplay.  You see my lovely friend Leesa is holding the annual Australian Textile Exhibition at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne starting this weekend (i work in the cafe there) and I thought what better than to exhibit show off something where I work.  Time was a bit of an issue with such a busy month ahead of me but when the Aussie Animals pattern was on sale for Australia day I new exactly what I was going to make (it had to be Australian themed of course).   
This is my first attempt at paper piecing and I'm pretty happy with the result.  It took a while to sew and I made a couple of mistakes.  Tip: make sure the rest of the block is out of the way when trimming (insert tears here).  I colour coded my pattern which was another great tip as I'm sure I could have ended up with a brown body and grey branches.  I still need to get some more practice but this koala is just so cute.  Oscar's face was beaming when I told him I made a koala for him, he of course wanted to hold it.
I decided to turn the block into a cushion so he could hold it.  Another new move, an enclosed zip.  So easy and looks much neater. 
Paper Pieced Koala cushion - pattern by Quietplay
I bound the edges with a contrasting blue which I think ties it all together.
Love, love, love him!  

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  1. What a fabulous koala, you've done such a great job for your first paper piecing!

  2. Had to come and find the finished product. I saw the sneaky peeks. Love how you finished it and I'm inspired now to finish my 'mingo!!


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