Quick & Easy Easter Basket

Yesterday I shared a fabric storage basket tutorial over at And Sew We Craft.   With Easter just around the corner, I thought I’d share a quick and easy way to make this into an Easter Basket ready for the Easter egg hunt.

Using the same tutorial to create the fabric basket.  I’ve made this one a bit smaller (finished size approx 6.5″x3″x4.5″) so my fabric pieces were cut as below:
Cut 2 x 10×8″ from outer, lining fabric and interfacing with the bottom corners having 1.5″ squares cut out of them.

To make the handle cut a piece of fabric and interfacing 10×3″.  Fuse the interfacing to your fabric and fold the ends in 1/4″ at each end and press.

Fold the handle piece in half lengthwise and press, then open out and fold both sides in to meet at the centre and press.  Now fold in half and your handle is created.

Top stitch around the edge of handle.

To attach to the basket measure 1/2″ up from the fold and baste handle in place.

As we are now sewing through a few layers of fabric you may need to hand crank the needle in some places to get through all the layers.  Stitch a rectangle to secure the handle in place and remove your basting stitch.

Your basket is now ready to go on that Easter egg hunt (yes I did go and buy Easter eggs just to take some photos).

Happy Sewing,

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