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25 January 2016

Emma Clutch Tote Pattern Hack

Wow it's been too long.  I've been busy working in my new job as well as behind the scenes planning for some super exciting times ahead for L&D.  If you're here because you want to make amazing bags that's awesome, me too and I look forward to seeing yours.  You can keep up to date with new releases over on fb here :) and of course right here on the blog.

Before I go and release the first pattern for 2016 which might I just say is super cute and stylish and I hope you love it as much as I do....I've finally put a tutorial together to add grommet handles into the Emma Clutch Tote.  If you haven't got this pattern yet you can find it here or in the shop.   Here's my little hack!
The Emma Clutch Tote without grommet handles

11 October 2015

Zippy Purse with a Twist Tutorial

This tutorial originally appeared on And Sew We Craft.  I've been looking for ideas for end of year teacher gifts and I thought this could be a perfect gift for my boys teachers. 
Zipper purse


15 March 2015

Quick & Easy Easter Basket

Yesterday I shared a fabric storage basket tutorial over at And Sew We Craft.   With Easter just around the corner, I thought I'd share a quick and easy way to make this into an Easter Basket ready for the Easter egg hunt. 

Using the same tutorial to create the fabric basket.  I've made this one a bit smaller (finished size approx 6.5"x3"x4.5") so my fabric pieces were cut as below:
Cut 2 x 10x8" from outer, lining fabric and interfacing with the bottom corners having 1.5" squares cut out of them.

To make the handle cut a piece of fabric and interfacing 10x3".  Fuse the interfacing to your fabric and fold the ends in 1/4" at each end and press.
Fold the handle piece in half lengthwise and press, then open out and fold both sides in to meet at the centre and press.  Now fold in half and your handle is created.
Top stitch around the edge of handle.

To attach to the basket measure 1/2" up from the fold and baste handle in place. 

As we are now sewing through a few layers of fabric you may need to hand crank the needle in some places to get through all the layers.  Stitch a rectangle to secure the handle in place and remove your basting stitch.

Your basket is now ready to go on that Easter egg hunt (yes I did go and buy Easter eggs just to take some photos).

Happy Sewing,

07 February 2015

Pattern Testing - The Everyday Tote

Last week I was able to reveal my first sewing project of the year, you guessed it - a bag!  My lovely friend Emma from For my Little Monster has turned her hand to pattern writing and I was lucky enough to be one of the testers for this amazingly roomy bag - The Everyday Tote.

 I love all the pockets!

I made it using the pink What a Gem Arrows by Allison Cole and I love how it works with my denim on the wrong side.  It has 4 pockets in total and is super roomy. 

So how do you get your hands on this pattern you ask? 
You can purchase the pattern from here and here
You can win a copy. 
All you need to do is leave a comment telling me what you'd find in your bag.  The most creative answer will win a digital copy of this pattern.   I will choose a winner on Friday 13th February at 7pm (AEST).

01 January 2015

Welcoming in the New Year 2015

Here are some highlights from 2014

The year started with the birth of this gorgeous boy.  Here he is playing on the quilt I made his brother during a photo shoot with Kipindi.

I wrote a couple of tutorials here and over at And Sew We Craft for a zipper purse and card wallet

I designed my first clutch and wrote a pattern which WILL be released soon. 

I also had a ball joining in the charm swaps with Ms Midge and have received an amazing collection of fabrics by Kate Spain, Bonnie & Camille and Amy Butler.  I'm still to use my Amy Butler.

The beginning of the year always gets me thinking about where to next.  I'm looking forward to sewing my way through the year making lots of clutch purses, releasing a few patterns and maybe working on some new designs.  I have also been playing with patchwork lately so I'm sure there might be some quilted designs too. 

I have set myself a challenge which you can read about at And Sew We Craft.  I look forward to sharing the journey with you.  Don't forget you can also follow along on Instagram too.

30 July 2014

Wednesday WIP - Strap Clutch

It's always a good feeling when I get a bit of sewing in and thanks to a little sewing day with some lovely ladies on Saturday I was able to get started on July's sewing challenge with Lil Pip.  This was my second project for the day so I got more cutting than sewing done but I always find cutting to be the longest part of a project. 

I've been sharing my progress over on instagram and I'm loving how it's coming along.  How cute are the corners?!  I know this looks complete but it's only the outer bag.  I still need to make the lining and sew it all together.   Hopefully I can finish it in July.  I still have a day to get it done.

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19 June 2014

Commuter Cowl - Lil Pip Challenge

I am loving the Commuter Cowl by Luvinthemommyhood which I discovered this month thanks to Jane from Lil Pip Designs.  That's right its the June Lil Pip Challenge and I've managed to finish it before the end of the month...Yay!  It's also the perfect addition of colour to my Winter wardrobe.

commuter cowl luvinthemommyhood pattern

This is seriously one of the quickest things I've made (well other than the fact I hate hand sewing and it took me four days to get around to doing this and it was such a tiny amount).  I actually had the cowl cut and sewn in about half an hour...Say what?!...I know right.  There's a couple of curly bits like tying knots in the cowl before joining it up and trying to work out how the ends of the fabric sort of kiss to join them.  I really was over thinking the knots and in the end just tied a knot and let it be. This is how my ends were pinned to sew and as you can see I was determined to machine sew as much as I could. 

This was a great sew along and a lovely new feature in my wardrobe.  I may just make a couple more.

18 June 2014

Getting My Craft On

Last week saw me getting my craft on.  There was some baking, a bit of sewing for the boys and cooking up a yummy risotto.  It's starting to become a bit of a Sunday ritual to hide out in the sewing room and last Sunday was no exception.  This time making something for me!

This month in the Lil Pip Challenge is to make the Commuter Cowl and I am determined not to be late this month.  With pattern printed and pretty pink fabric chosen, I was ready to cut and sew.  This one is very close to completion, it just requires a little hand stitching which is not my favourite things to do.

Commuter cowl lil pip challenge

Next on my sewing list is a bag!  This one is from Nicole Mallalieu's new book The Better Bag Maker.  I'm currently in the process of slashing and opening the pattern. 

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What craft have you tried this week?

04 June 2014

I heart bowling

This year I made the decision that I would sew more for me and my boys.  This was my plan last year but it just didn't happen so this year I was going to make sure it did.  When Jane from Lil Pip posted about a sewing challenge I was in, even better first up was something I could make for my boys.  A bowling set.  It took me most of May and the first few days of June but it is done!

I used to make dolls in my early teens but haven't made a softie of sorts for a long, looonnng time.  I thought it would be quick and easy to sew the bowling set, it only had 3 pattern pieces, but it seemed to take me forever.  You can check out some progress pics over on instagram.  Anyway I got there in the end and I love it.  Oscar has been enjoying bowling with it as well so it's a win from him too.

I popped into Spotlight yesterday and picked up some fabrics for me at 40% off!
I'm using one of these for the June challenge and the others are going to be dresses or skirts.

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21 May 2014

WIP Wednesday

It's been a crazy couple of weeks in our house with my brothers wedding on the Gold Coast followed by a busy Mother's Day.  We also caught up with some friends in Brisbane while we were up there for the weekend.  I'm now back into the swing of things and I'm crafting more and hoping to share here more regularly.  So here's what has been happening in my sewing room this week.

First up I'm sewing along with the Lil Pip Challenge making the I heart Bowling set.  I'm all cut and ready to sew.

I've also been working on a couple of projects I'll be sharing over at And Sew We Craft.  It's baby month and these have been on my to do list for far too long, tick, tick.  Here's a sneaky peek.

And lastly, this week I signed up to a Kate Spain Aussie Charm Swap being organised by Ms Midge.  I know I'm only a beginner when it comes to quilting but I love Kate Spain fabrics and am pretty excited about receiving my envelope of pretty fabrics.

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06 January 2014

2014, A New Year

2014 has arrived and with it comes lots of changes, good and exciting changes. The biggest happening within the month as we get ready for our second little bubba to arrive!

So I've been thinking a lot about where I want Ladybugs & Daisychains to head this year and I'm pretty excited about it.  Of course there will still be clutches and bags being made and hopefully a few market appearances later in the year.  While I may not get much time at the sewing machine early on I will be blogging here more. 

I also plan to sew more for me and my little family this year too.

Happy 2014,

17 July 2013

What's been happening?

Well last week was a crazy week as I finished 2 collaborations for Collaborate for a Cause as well as a quilt.  Here's the results of my sewing:-

 Stay tuned for some exciting news tomorrow....

24 August 2012

Time...I need more of you

I had all good intentions to share something weekly but it seems winter got in the way.  In between colds, catch ups, birthdays and lots of orders (which is very exciting), I have neglected my website.

So here's to winter, it was fun but I'm definately looking forward to catching up with spring & summer!

A bit of what I've been up to-
  • Sewing up a storm, loving all the orders coming in and hope to have a few new goodies up and available soon

  • baking slices, muffins, cakes.  My favourite would have to be the cookie dough brownie  

  • catching up with some good old blog reading.  Loving Bird with a Chip at the moment 
  • and of course playing lots with my Oscar monkey

Until next time...

18 May 2011

Worth the wait

I am so excited about this late birthday pressie my sister gave me on the weekend.  I have been looking into some of Nicole Mallalieu's sewing classes and my sister had no idea.  Can't wait to make some of her projects the hard part is choosing which one to do first....

09 January 2011

Hands up if you have an iPhone

The iPhone! Everybody seems to have one these days except for me.  I've been thinking about upgrading to one when my contract is up at the end of the month but was a little worried how it would survive in my handbag.  There is not much you won't find in my handbag, my theory is you just don't know what you'll need when out & about. 

While I was having coffee with a friend the other day and I noticed her iPhone was tucked away in a little pouch.  I've been toying around with different purse designs and thought this might just keep my phone safe within the handbag jungle.  

When I got home I decided to play around on my sewing machine.  I found some gorgeous little daisy fabric with a chocolate background and matched it with a goldy yellow for the lining.  I had to do a bit of guess work on size but was pretty happy with the result.  Now I just needed to make sure that the phone would fit.  When my sister popped over the next day I asked if I could borrow hers to test it out.  It fit!  She really liked it too and asked me to make her one.  Back to the sewing machine.  

Can't wait to get my iPhone now.

02 January 2011

New Year - New Designs - New Products

2010 Creations      

Well what a year it has been.  Many a paper creation was made.  
This year is going to be an exciting one with a few new designs as well as some new products.  I have a few paper creations up my sleeve and I've been playing with some ideas on my new sewing machine...paper & fabrics, so many possibilities. 

I look forward to sharing 2011 with you all.