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Commuter Cowl – Lil Pip Challenge

I am loving the Commuter Cowl by Luvinthemommyhood which I discovered this month thanks to Jane from Lil Pip Designs.  That’s right its the June Lil Pip Challenge and I’ve managed to finish it before the end of the month…Yay!  It’s also the perfect addition of colour to my Winter wardrobe.

This is seriously one of the quickest things I’ve made (well other than the fact I hate hand sewing and it took me four days to get around to doing this and it was such a tiny amount).  I actually had the cowl cut and sewn in about half an hour…Say what?!…I know right.  There’s a couple of curly bits like tying knots in the cowl before joining it up and trying to work out how the ends of the fabric sort of kiss to join them.  I really was over thinking the knots and in the end just tied a knot and let it be. This is how my ends were pinned to sew and as you can see I was determined to machine sew as much as I could.

This was a great sew along and a lovely new feature in my wardrobe.  I may just make a couple more.

Getting My Craft On

Last week saw me getting my craft on.  There was some baking, a bit of sewing for the boys and cooking up a yummy risotto.  It’s starting to become a bit of a Sunday ritual to hide out in the sewing room and last Sunday was no exception.  This time making something for me!

This month in the Lil Pip Challenge is to make the Commuter Cowl and I am determined not to be late this month.  With pattern printed and pretty pink fabric chosen, I was ready to cut and sew.  This one is very close to completion, it just requires a little hand stitching which is not my favourite things to do.
Next on my sewing list is a bag!  This one is from Nicole Mallalieu’s new book The Better Bag Maker.  I’m currently in the process of slashing and opening the pattern.
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What craft have you tried this week?

I heart bowling

This year I made the decision that I would sew more for me and my boys.  This was my plan last year but it just didn’t happen so this year I was going to make sure it did.  When Jane from Lil Pip posted about a sewing challenge I was in, even better first up was something I could make for my boys.  A bowling set.  It took me most of May and the first few days of June but it is done!

I used to make dolls in my early teens but haven’t made a softie of sorts for a long, looonnng time.  I thought it would be quick and easy to sew the bowling set, it only had 3 pattern pieces, but it seemed to take me forever.  You can check out some progress pics over on instagram.  Anyway I got there in the end and I love it.  Oscar has been enjoying bowling with it as well so it’s a win from him too.

I popped into Spotlight yesterday and picked up some fabrics for me at 40% off!
I’m using one of these for the June challenge and the others are going to be dresses or skirts.

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WIP Wednesday

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks in our house with my brothers wedding on the Gold Coast followed by a busy Mother’s Day.  We also caught up with some friends in Brisbane while we were up there for the weekend.  I’m now back into the swing of things and I’m crafting more and hoping to share here more regularly.  So here’s what has been happening in my sewing room this week.
First up I’m sewing along with the Lil Pip Challenge making the I heart Bowling set.  I’m all cut and ready to sew.
I’ve also been working on a couple of projects I’ll be sharing over at And Sew We Craft.  It’s baby month and these have been on my to do list for far too long, tick, tick.  Here’s a sneaky peek.
And lastly, this week I signed up to a Kate Spain Aussie Charm Swap being organised by Ms Midge.  I know I’m only a beginner when it comes to quilting but I love Kate Spain fabrics and am pretty excited about receiving my envelope of pretty fabrics.
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2014, A New Year

2014 has arrived and with it comes lots of changes, good and exciting changes. The biggest happening within the month as we get ready for our second little bubba to arrive!

So I’ve been thinking a lot about where I want Ladybugs & Daisychains to head this year and I’m pretty excited about it.  Of course there will still be clutches and bags being made and hopefully a few market appearances later in the year.  While I may not get much time at the sewing machine early on I will be blogging here more.

I also plan to sew more for me and my little family this year too.

Happy 2014,