Birthday Baking

It was hubby’s birthday this week and I made the silly mistake of asking what kind of cake he’d like.   Sticky date was his reply.  This just happens to be his favourite dessert and possibly the only cake he bakes (he is a chef so the pressure was on for me).  Of course I headed to google for help and found a recipe on that looked good.  You can check it out here.  I always like to see a photo of what it should look like!

After nearly forgetting half the ingredients at the supermarket I got home and started baking.  I decided to make muffins rather than a cake as I wasn’t sure a whole cake would get eaten in one night and it made it much easier to heat and serve.  They were a success, they turned out great.  Everyone said they tasted yummy and even impressed hubby with one of his favs (he quite liked the caramel sauce).
What’s your favourite cake recipe?
Happy weekend

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