Apple Tarte Tatin

Do you watch Masterchef?  It’s one reality show we enjoy watching.  Once I made this ridiculous dessert they had for a pressure test. Lots of caramel and chocolate involved.  I swear it took me about 5 hours to get something on a plate that only slightly resembled the dish on the show.  Anyway I was watching the masterclass last week when they made an apple tarte tatin.  I love apple tarte tatin but always thought it would be difficult to make.

Maybe not so I gave it a go.

This is the recipe I used from the show.  I left out the vanilla beans as I didn’t have any, swapped five spice for cinnamon and used a frozen pastry sheet.

It was pretty easy and for a first attempt I was really happy.

It tasted amazing!

I’m going to try this one next.  What recipes are you trying at the moment?

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