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21 December 2014

Christmas Treats - Peanut Butter Balls

Last week I put together a top 10 Christmas treats over at And Sew We Craft and promised to share the recipe for Peanut butter balls here.  It's been a hectic week but there is still time to make these before Christmas. 

Peanut Butter Balls: 


200g butter
200g peanut butter (a bit over half a 375g jar smooth or crunchy, your choice)
250g icing sugar
4 cups rice bubble
150g chocolate (melted)


Mix peanut butter and icing sugar
Add melted butter and mix
Add more icing sugar if too runny
Add rice bubbles and mix
Roll into balls and refrigerate on tray
Decorate with chocolate (you can dip half of each ball in melted chocolate or to save time drizzle melted chocolate over tray of peanut butter balls)
Refrigerate to set

I hope you enjoy,

10 June 2014

Apple Tarte Tatin

Do you watch Masterchef?  It's one reality show we enjoy watching.  Once I made this ridiculous dessert they had for a pressure test. Lots of caramel and chocolate involved.  I swear it took me about 5 hours to get something on a plate that only slightly resembled the dish on the show.  Anyway I was watching the masterclass last week when they made an apple tarte tatin.  I love apple tarte tatin but always thought it would be difficult to make. 

Maybe not so I gave it a go.

This is the recipe I used from the show.  I left out the vanilla beans as I didn't have any, swapped five spice for cinnamon and used a frozen pastry sheet.  

It was pretty easy and for a first attempt I was really happy.

It tasted amazing!

I'm going to try this one next.  What recipes are you trying at the moment? 

29 March 2014

How to make a Plane Cake

As promised, although a little later than planned, here is how I made the Plane birthday cake.

Plane birthday cake
What you need:
- a loaf tin
- a slice tin
- a cake mix (I used a vanilla packet mix)
- one batch of butter cream icing
- food colouring of choice ( I've used green & blue)
- lollies to decorate

I based the cake on the design of the plane I created for the Happy Birthday banner. 

I baked the cakes splitting the mixture between the 2 tins.  Once cooled I placed the smaller cake upside down on the short edge of the other cake and cut it.  Using the rest of the cake to cut 4 triangles for the wings and 2 triangles for the tail.  A small rectangle was used for the top of the plane.  Cut the corners off the main cake and use 2 of them to create the nose. I also tucked a small square under the back of the main cake to help support the tail.  Using toothpicks and butter cream secure the tail and the nose to the main cake.  There was i little bit of cake left so I cut out a few small circles and made a cloud for the candle to sit in. 

cakes ready for cutting
plane assembled with butter cream and toothpicks
All thats left now is to ice and decorate.  I've used a snake and raspberry lolly to make the propellor and its held in with a toothpick.  The windows are the bottom of strawberry and creams and the lights on the wings and tail are mini choc buttons.

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Happy plane making,

11 January 2014

Birthday Baking

It was hubby's birthday this week and I made the silly mistake of asking what kind of cake he'd like.   Sticky date was his reply.  This just happens to be his favourite dessert and possibly the only cake he bakes (he is a chef so the pressure was on for me).  Of course I headed to google for help and found a recipe on that looked good.  You can check it out here.  I always like to see a photo of what it should look like!

After nearly forgetting half the ingredients at the supermarket I got home and started baking.  I decided to make muffins rather than a cake as I wasn't sure a whole cake would get eaten in one night and it made it much easier to heat and serve.  They were a success, they turned out great.  Everyone said they tasted yummy and even impressed hubby with one of his favs (he quite liked the caramel sauce).  

What's your favourite cake recipe?

Happy weekend

20 December 2012

Lets Bake

Do you have a few treats you bake at Christmas time? 

Over the years I have made plum pudding truffles, peanut butter balls, shortbread, chocolate fudge, rocky road and coconut ice.  This year I decided to just make the last two and they are so easy to make especially the Rocky Road.
Rocky Road

1 bag of Nestle melts (milk or dark)
100g raspberry lollies
1 bag marshmallows
75g crushed nuts (optional)
60g copha

Melt chocolate and copha.
Add marshmallows, raspberries and nuts then mix together.
Pour mixture into a slice tin and set in the fridge.
Once set cut into squares or rectangles.
 The coconut ice recipe can be found on Taste here. This year I made it green instead of pink.
 Happy baking,

24 August 2012

Time...I need more of you

I had all good intentions to share something weekly but it seems winter got in the way.  In between colds, catch ups, birthdays and lots of orders (which is very exciting), I have neglected my website.

So here's to winter, it was fun but I'm definately looking forward to catching up with spring & summer!

A bit of what I've been up to-
  • Sewing up a storm, loving all the orders coming in and hope to have a few new goodies up and available soon

  • baking slices, muffins, cakes.  My favourite would have to be the cookie dough brownie  

  • catching up with some good old blog reading.  Loving Bird with a Chip at the moment 
  • and of course playing lots with my Oscar monkey

Until next time...